Frequently Asked Questions

Our best guess at questions you might have!


If you're having trouble logging in, it may be due to the browser that you're using. Try using a different browser. If you still can't login, your firewall may be too restrictive. 

We backup all of our data on a daily basis.  Short-term web site outtages may occur, but that does not mean that any of your subscription data will be lost or compromised.  If there is a long term system outtage, we will email subscribers information about how they can access their data.

Our regular hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Depending on your subscription level, however, you may be eligible for support outside of those regular business hours.

If you have any issues with the data, or see any potential errors, please send an email to

Please email us at We will look into the issue immediately.

Yes, the information you're receiving through a Home Auction Lists subscription is publicly available.  But the value we provide is that the information is located in one place.  We save you the time of combing through dozens of local and county web sites to get all this data.  Also, we take care of updating the information so that you won't have to recheck those sites every day.  


We offer a service with no longer term contracts! You can cancel anytime. We only require a 30 day notice for service cancellations! 

As for billing dates, you will be billed on the same day of each month in which you subscribed. So if you signed up on the 24th of January you will be billed on or around the 24th of each following month (fluctuations are based on bank closings related to weekends and holidays). 

Simply send an email to or submit a cancellation form.

Our subscriptions are scalable to your needs.  You can subscribe to listings for anywhere from an individual county all the way up to multiple states.  You cost will vary on the number of counties or states that you subscribe to. 

Well, that depends! We have flexible options to fit most needs at a responsible cost. If you check out the tiers page, it details the items included at each level.

The charges happen on or around the exact same day of each month that you subscribe. So if you subscribed on the 16th of September then the next monthly charge will happen on or around the 16th of October.

Simply submit a cancellation request via our contact form. All subscriptions require a 30 day notice for cancellations so you may still incur the next monthly charge if you cancel too late.

You will absolutely continue to have access through the last paid month. So if you cancel in the middle of your current month you will still be charged for the next month which means you will continue to have access through that last subscription period.

Using the Data

Simple! Read the help tab for more information about the data that is displayed.

Depending on the state you are in there may be fields that must be left blank for privacy rights of the owners. Though there are more reasons that a field might not be populated, that is the most common reason.

We use a calculator that is considered mortgage grade in accuracy. Meaning, when the mortgage company is underwriting a loan for a property they will use the same type of calculation that we are using. We have provided a range to help you get the "worst case" "best case" values but you should still make your decisions based on multiple factors of a property and not this value alone. It is meant only as a guide.

Unfortunately no, the data is licensed and owned by The List, LLC and The List, LLC maintains all rights to the data. You can not use this data for anything more than research tools to support your investment decisions. Republishing or redistribution the data in any way is strictly prohibited. See our Terms of Use page for more information.

At this time, you are only able to download the data into a CSV file.  


Once you've gotten your mailing design picked out and ordered, we will process and mail the postcards within 5 business days.  

Yes, you may order additional mailings through your account dashboard.  

Depending on what extras you need, you can always create a custom order for your mailings.  An account representative can help you.  Please call (346) 291-3635 or email to describe what you need.

Shipping the mailers will take place within 5 business days of your order.

Yes, if you would prefer to have one of our designers develop a custom look for your mailer, please contact (346) 291-3635 or email to describe what you're looking for.  Custom designs will require added fees. 

Yard Signs

You may print on only choose one color to be used on one side of the yard sign.
Yes, you may order additional yard signs through your account dashboard.
It depends how many more you need and which signs you choose.  We offer bulk discounts for larger sign orders.  
Printing and shipping yard signs will take approximately 10 business days from the time of your order. 
If you are not fully satisfied with the quality of your yard signs, please notify us at (346) 291-3635 within 3 business days of receiving your signs.  We will ship you new signs immediately.